The Big Day Memories What You Should Do And Should Not Do

Photo booths at weddings are a common enough addition nowadays, however, this does not mean that they are always a great success with the guests. This largely depends on whether on you put careful thought into the do’s and don’ts with photo booths, and if you are not aware of them, here are some of them briefly explained to you:


  • Research before hiring – before you agree to the first cheap photo booth hire of Dash Events PTY LTD you can find online, it would be ideal to actually research the different types and prices of photo booths. There are different types of booths based not only on their size, but also on what kind of services they offer. If you have a retro-styled wedding, you can opt for one of those old box booths you can find at arcade game centres nowadays, for example.
  • Keep your booth in a well-accessible area – another important thing to do is to make sure that you are placing your photo booth in an area that is well-visible and accessible to guests. For example, if the booth is placed in another room of the venue or in a corner, your guests might either not know about the booth altogether, or not be very inclined to walk towards it.
  • Forget to account for space – a mistake you certainly need to avoid is forgetting to account for the space of your booth. Even if you opt for the smallest of photo booths, they will still likely take up a significant space of your venue, and it is important that you factor this into your calculations of where everything should be during the preparatory stage.
  • Opt for a box booth – one of the biggest mistakes people make when planning for the wedding celebrations is opting for a box booth. Since most weddings tend to err on the higher side of the guest numbers, a box booth can be a limiting option. This is because the booth is essentially a small room, and this can prevent more guests from taking photos together (depending on the size of the box, you might be able to squeeze in five or even fewer people into the wedding photo booth Melbourne). You want to avoid this kind of scenario, so instead opt for a booth with an open platform.
  • Forget everything else – and lastly, do remember that your wedding celebration does not solely revolve around the photo booth! This is probably something you might have to remind both yourself and the guests about, because taking photos can become quite addictive! Make sure to dance on the dance floor, eat and converse with your guests as well; after all, you do not want all your memories to revolve around taking photos, do you?